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3D & Animation

3D & Animation

3D Modeling & Logos

Animation & Motion Graphics

Virtual Traffic Lights – Airport Animation

“TICS” Title Sequence & Credits

F.A.S.T. Fire Apparatus Service Tech – (3D Logo Animation)

Triose: The Source of Energy (Animation)

PVU Event Group – (2019 Intro Bumper)

“Uninvited Guests” – (Short Film Title Sequence)

Seeds of Faith – (Logo Bumper)

West Mifflin Titan Football Season (3D Intro)

West Mifflin Titan Football Season (3D DVD Mockup Animation)

“Frozen in Terror” – (Short Film Title Sequence)

Sweet Salvage on Main (3D Logo)

Peavey: 2017 DJ Takeover (3D Logo)

PVU Event Group – (3D Logo Bumper)

Jessica Laliah (Logo Bumper)

Stacee & Vince – (Disney Wedding 3D Animation)

Diamond (RayFire Animation – Test)

Aaron Pfeiffer – Can’t Shake This (LYRIC VIDEO)

Scalativity – (Intro Bumper)

Terry Jones – Suburban Knights (Teaser)

Jim Krenn – No Restrictions (3D Logo)

Wenning Entertainment (Logo Animation)

Ruby Liquidity (Animation)

Wagner Chiropractic (3D Animation)

Brain (Animation)

L4-L5 Disc Herniation (Animation)

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