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Anthony Holzwarth


Anthony J. Holzwarth

Anthony Holzwarth

  • CEO & CCO
  • VFX Supervisor
  • Director
  • Photographer

Anthony Holzwarth, is a man of many hats: CG Artist, Digital Motion Designer, Director, & Photographer based in Pittsburgh, PA. Anthony is the founder & owner of Z23 Studios, LLC. Since Anthony’s childhood, he had always wanted to create a company that housed Animation, Production, and Visual Effects all in one, Z23 Studios, is that dream vision. Anthony graduated from ITT Technical Institute with a degree in Information Technology Multimedia.

Through Anthony’s unique style and a broad spectrum of capabilities, his work has been displayed on major broadcast television networks with his commercial work. In this day and age having a digital presence is vital, Anthony has been featured on multiple blogs and websites for the (spoof) videos he and his clients have created. Anthony had obtained some pretty large Pittsburgh-based clients; Georgetown Centre, McKenzie Illustrations, Jim Krenn, PrimeCore Group, Hard Rock Cafe, Medicare Specialists of Pittsburgh, Patriot Physical Therapy & Wagner Chiropractic, along with a whole host of comedians, up-and comers and unique projects.

With over 10 years of experience, He has always had the creative vision that the industry requires. His passion & drive have aspired to bring amazing new concepts to life while telling a story through animation, production or motion graphics / VFX. Anthony & Z23 Studios work(s) on all facets of productions. Hire us or collaborate with us for your next production.

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