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Since Z23 Studios has been established, we have only done client work. We want to change that just a little. We will still be doing work for clients but we want to focus on doing more internal projects that we were forced to put on the back burner.

This is were Z23 Studios need your help. This is quite a transition in our business model, and is not an easy one. But we want to focus more on our internal creative vision. We have a large number of projects that are just waiting to go into production with your support and patronage we can do that. Your contribution will help guide our success in this transition.

It’s time to let our imagination become reality!

As we reach each of our milestones you are helping Z23 Studios get to our end goal. This is to become a large Animation, Cinematic & Visual Effects company able to release feature films. With your support we can achieve this.

As a Z23 Studios Patron! You’ll receive different rewards per video depending on your level of contribution. Below is a list of the rewards we are offering. Remember, these rewards are ONLY available for our Patrons! We thank you for your time and support. We have a lot of projects planned and hope you will come along for the ride!

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