Z23 Studios is happy to announce that we are now sponsoring DJ Vibes. Watch out for this talented DJ all around the Pittsburgh area and around the world. New website to come but in the mean time check him out at www.dj-vibes.com or follow him on instagram

Below is Bill Jakub AKA DJ Vibes’ bio:

Bill Jakub is a very diverse DJ from the Pittsburgh, PA area that has had the chance to meet some of his industries legends as well as be able to play at some very unique places. Bill Started out his DJ career in 1997 performing for local schools special events and proms. In 2003 He decided he wanted to start making a change in the wedding scene in Pittsburgh. He decided to take his Club DJ skills and bring them to the weddings. Many know him as DJ Vibes from the events he has been part of and still is part of to this day.

He is very knowledgeable in music since a young age. If he is asked what is his favorite style of music, he would say the stuff that keeps you dancing. He believes that staying up to date with the trends of today is a must as well as keeping a fresh mind with learning. Bill attends many DJ seminars and conferences each year so his skills are top notched. He says “the seminars and conferences are like college” without the proper learning you are just basic and that is far from being professional.

Bill believes that weddings should be a one of a kind event and never the same from the next. With that being said he takes many notes and the vision of his clients to make it an event that is leaving you as well as your guests full of memories smiles and laughs for years to come. Bill has worked with Verizon, Goodwill, Kennywood, Citizens Bank, and Giant Eagle to just name a few of the corporate companies he has had the pleasure to spin for.

Beyond weddings and corporate events you may have seen him at, he is proud to have performed at many charity & community functions.Bill also is proud to be part of the team that created the DJ Takeover as well as one of the DJs. The DJ Takeover is an event that is held on the first night of the MobileBeat DJ Conference. It is an event where up to 15 DJs from across the world get a chance to spin in Las Vegas, NV for the guests of the hotel. He has been the creator and part of this event for the past 5 years.

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