Z23 Studios was contacted back in July, 2017 by Producer, Caroline Collins of 13 Films, & Chad Shannon of 27mm Films to handle the VFX for a TV Series Pilot Titled “#Trending”.

Logline for Trending:

Brazenly breaking all the barriers of technology, a tech wizard sends a social media star inside the Internet. Pursued by the feds, hackers, and an insatiable viewing public, she discovers clues about her past while navigating the uncertain and dangerous inner world of the internet to survive.

Chad’s vision for his series is just outstanding. It was an honor to make his vision come to life.  It was such a great experience to get a chance to work with Director, Chad Shannon, Editors, Amy Grove of WQED Pittsburgh & Brandon Roudebush of Pixelab Studios, & Producer, Caroline Collins of 13 Films.

We have since made the Series Poster & Website.

We will be releasing some VFX breakdown videos soon for this project. Stay tuned!

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