Mulligan (TV Movie 2018)

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Z23 Studios was contacted back in September, 2017 by Producer, Caroline Collins of 13 Films, to handle the VFX for a TV Movie Titled “Mulligan”. Mulligan’s Plot Summary is as follows:

Upon release from a two year stint in jail, a fallen golf prodigy accepts a job at his brother’s Driving Range and Miniature Golf Course, finding himself at the confluence of his past, present, and future.


We received our first IMDb credit for Visual Effects (VFX) for the company, as did the boss Anthony Holzwarth, as a Visual Effects Artist. It was such a great experience to get a chance to work with Director Steve Parys, Editor Andy Strohl of Strohl Digital Productions, Patrick Cannon from The Cannon brothers, and AKA Studio Productions.

We will be releasing some VFX breakdown videos soon for this project. Stay tuned!

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