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D.E.B. – The Best Of D.E.B. II

PVU Event Group – Photo Booth Promo Fall 2017

Androgynous D.E.B. – “Day Walker” Fall Promo

PVU Event Group at The Greenhouse Winery in Irwin

Wedding at The Barn at Madison with PVU Event Group

PVU Event Group at a Comfort Inn Wedding in Penn Hills

After Dark: Potter Fest at Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Wedding at The JK Farms with PVU Event Group

PVU Event Group at Chip & Aleasha’s Wedding

PVU Event Group at Pittsburgh Bridal Showcase & Boutique Bridal Show

A Night At The Carnegie Museum (PVU Event Group)

PVU Event Group at The Bowley Wedding

PVU Event Group – 2016 Promo

PVU Event Group – “Dancing on the Clouds”

PVU Event Group “Mirrored Visions Photo Booth” Promo

Peavey – 2017 DJ Takeover (Official Recap Video)

Fabulous Fire Entertainment – Best of D.E.B.

PVU Event Group – Wedding DJ Promo 2015

Linsenbigler / Mangan – Wedding Promo

Hard Rock – Rockin For A Laugh IV

Fabulous Fire Entertainment – AGT Audition

Greenock & Mt. Vernon PTO’s – 2013 Talent Show

Hard Rock – Rockin For A Laugh III

Fitness 247 Ad

The Georgetown Centre (Tour Promo)

Terry Jones – Punchline & Mask Unboxing

PUNCHLINE: A Dark Knight Mytho Trailer

Kennywood – Team Member Idol

Backstage Pass Party

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