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D.E.B. – The Best Of D.E.B. II

Androgynous D.E.B. – “Day Walker”

PVU Event Group at Pittsburgh Bridal Showcase & Boutique Bridal Show

A Night At The Carnegie Museum (PVU Event Group)

PVU Event Group – 2016 Promo

PVU Event Group – “Dancing on the Clouds”

PVU Event Group “Mirrored Visions Photo Booth” Promo

Peavey – 2017 DJ Takeover (Official Recap Video)

Randy McKenzie – “Wonders

Randy McKenzie – “Too Many Days”

D.E.B.-“Best of D.E.B.”

PVU Event Group – (Wedding DJ Promo 2015)

Hard Rock – “Rockin For A Laugh IV”

Hard Rock – “Rockin For A Laugh III”

Terry Jones – N.I.C. (Spoof)

Terry Jones – Black Frank Sinatra – “Vol. 3”

The Georgetown Centre (Tour Promo)

Terry Jones – Black Frank Sinatra – “Vol.2”

Terry Jones – “Shit Eddie Murphy Says”

Terry Jones – “Shit Chris Tucker Says”

Terry Jones – “Shit Bill Cosby Says”

Terry Jones – “Shit 50 Cent Says”

Terry Jones – The Truth About Captain Crunch (Spoof)

Terry Jones – Black Frank Sinatra – “Vol.1”

Terry Jones – Squirters (Spoof)

Terry Jones – Twitter All The Time (Spoof)

Terry Jones – Jello Pudding (Spoof)

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