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Director: Anthony Holzwarth, Leonard Malinowski
Producers: Leonard Malinowski
DP: Anthony Holzwarth
Editor: Anthony Holzwarth
Cast: Leonard Malinowski

Scalativity - "The New Scientific Paradigm"

Fractal Physics theory attempts to unify the quantum and cosmic realms by considering Fractal Geometry (infinite structure through infinite magnification, relativity of scale, and self-similarities between scales) to be inherent in all objects. Physical limits such as the beginning or ending of time, the minuteness or immensity of size, along with the concept of an absolute ‘‘human” scale must all be abandoned. In so doing we gain: certainty in the quantum realm, the origin of equal and opposite quantum charges, a reduction in fundamental fields to just the electromagnetic and gravitational, the derivation of quantum masses and quantum spin, insight into time preceding the Big Bang, what powered the Big Bang, the identity of dark matter, and much more. Only by closely examining and comparing physical data of the quantum and cosmic scales can we begin to convince ourselves that the objects of the universe, and the universe itself, have inherent physical fractal geometric structure.


Episode 1 - Fractal Big Bang Theory

Episode 3 - Cosmic Scale Neutron

Episode 5 - Masses & Charges

Episode 7 - Run Scarlett Run

Episode 2 - CMBR Emitted Locally 3 Kelvin

Episode 4 - SS traveling within CS-UO2 Crystals

Episode 6 - Toastmasters Speech

Blackhole Promo